Apprenticeship at Sefar

We work with our education partners to help young people shape their careers. With taster courses, factory tours, and participation in information days and career fairs, we enable young people to see what our everyday working life is like.
We give you the space and opportunities for development you need. We want to train motivated, entrepreneurial and persevering people who will stay enthusiastic and achieve ongoing success.
We have various career opportunities for you to choose from!

You can learn the following professions with us:

  • Textile technology – specialist in manufacturing or finishing (EFZ/CFC apprenticeship)
  • Textile trainee (EBA/AFP apprenticeship)
  • Machine operator (EFZ/CFC apprenticeship)
  • Logistics specialist (EFZ/CFC or EBA/AFP apprenticeship)
  • Office administrator (EFZ/CFC apprenticeship)
  • Computer scientist – specialist platform developer (EFZ/CFC apprenticeship)
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